8 images logo projector pen, led projector pen with the color of LED

8 images projector pen

Item number: MST-PP154

1. Material:ABS
2.Size:145 length x 20 diameter mm
3. Unit weight: 16g
4. Single color pens are available in Red, Blue, Green, yellow, Purple, Pink, and white
5. The color of LED and surface of tube ould be chosen by the clients

This item has three functions, it can write, illuminate, and project a logo
Projector pen takes your logo on the go and lets it shine anywhere
It's good for advertising and promotion
The logo projector pen comes with its own removable movie project and eight picture discs that let readers see the project's colorful images on the wall as they read. The projector includes its own built-in reading light so the image can be read even when the light is dimmed

8 images projector pen
1. It is a good promotion gift
2. Make your logo on a pen
3. OEM is welcome
4.Smartpen, gift pen Ad pen
5. Projector pen takes your logo on the go let it shine anywhere


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8 Images LED projector ballpoint pen