• Introducing the innovative Counterfeit Detection Pen which works on both Paper and Polymer notes due to the integral 365nm UV Bulb within the Pen.
  • The Pen works on all paper notes by marking the currency and showing a clear mark to determine a genuine note and a dark mark to indicate a counterfeit. However, the UV light means it can be shined over both paper and polymer notes to detect the hidden UV features within genuine currency.
  • Furthermore due to the 365nm bulb the Pen can also detect forensic substances such as Smartwater and SelectaDNA giving it a major implication for asset protection within retail outlets.
  • More and more cash machines are installing forensic liquid deterrents therefore the pens will also detect any notes which have been sprayed with these liquids.
  • This product is a true innovation in Crime Prevention.

2 in 1 UV Minder Cash Forged Bank Note Detector Pen